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Grubstake Pizza: Open 363 Days a Year in Kimberly

Grubstake Pizza: 

A Name That Dates Back to the Gold Rush

Grubstake Pizza’s unusual name comes from a mining term: a grubstake is a supply of tools and money to prospectors and would-be miners. In return, the supplier was entitled to a percentage of any profits.


Fresh and Memorable

The term “Grubstake” is now more closely associated with the handmade pizza provided by a certain shop in Kimberley since 1992. Grubstake Pizza slathers on the homemade sauce and fresh ingredients, baking their pies in a clay-lined, gas-fired oven. Their savoury trademark flavour is the result.


A Community-Oriented, Privately Owned Pizza Parlour

Grubstake Pizza takes pride in being a member of the Kimberley community and supports local charities and events including the Community Swim program and the local soccer program. Take a look at our special offers and stop by today!



At Grubstake Pizza, our combinations range from Vegetarian to The Motherlode and every possibility in between. Can your appetite handle The Hungry Miner? Take a look at our menu and try to decide what you’ll choose!


One of our suppliers was so impressed with Grubstake Pizza that they wrote an article singing our praises. Read about “Some of the Best Pizzas in the Rockies” here.


Charitable Contributions

Proud sponsors of ShelterBox Canada


Promotions and Special Offers

Specials - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

       Tuesday: 14" Hawaiian Pizza $20.75

       Wednesday: 14" Pepperoni Pizza $19.75

       Thursday: 14" Canadian Pizza $20.75


Our Menu

Our Menu

Build your own pizza, wings and more!

Free Delivery

We Deliver

Take a look at our special offers and order now!

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